Greetings From South Korea!

blog 1I am Ann Jones. An average name for a pretty average girl. Maybe that’s what makes me interesting or at least – relatable. I am an international teacher currently living in Korea. The wonderful thing about international teaching is that I can continue doing what I love and afford to travel the world. This was an “or” statement before two years ago.

Things you won’t find on my blog:

-Picture of my supermodel body. At 45 this is looking more and more unattainable – as if it ever was. I’m still overlapping my size 8 jeans.

-You also won’t see articles about a confident globetrotter with it all together. Honestly, I’m lost most of the time and really lucky there has not been an international incident.

I won’t be able to give you firsthand advice on how to score a first-class suite when flying to beautiful destinations. (C’MON Delta! just once, please! Seriously – why do I keep using your stupid credit card. Why?!?)

Things you will find on this blog:

-Information on how an average person travels the world – complete with mistakes (so many mistakes), moments of brilliance and a lot of fun.

-How teaching internationally gave me the opportunity to travel the world and keep my bank account in the black. Three years ago – this idea would have been laughable – as was my credit card balance.

-You’ll find pretty amazing photos and information about places I never dreamt I would get to see. Practical information such as how much a visa for China cost me. Why you should never buy local sunblock in Thailand. How to pick your travel buddies. How to fight episodes of homesickness. Things like that.

-You may also learn how an average teacher/ traveler turned her passion into a lucrative career and a first-class Delta suite. Could happen.

I hope you enjoy, follow me, and share your thoughts and experiences.

Thanks for reading!


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