Greetings From PyeongChang!

Greetings from the Winter Olympic Games, PyeongChang 2018!  Going to the Olympics is special for so many reasons.  First, the opportunity to watch athletes perform at such a high caliber.  The amount of dedication and training each individual had put in leading up to this point was inspiring.  As a spectator, I held my breath each time a skater flew through the air.  When they … Continue reading Greetings From PyeongChang!

Greetings From South Korea!

I am Ann Jones. An average name for a pretty average girl. Maybe that’s what makes me interesting or at least – relatable. I am an international teacher currently living in Korea. The wonderful thing about international teaching is that I can continue doing what I love and afford to travel the world. This was an “or” statement before two years ago. Things you won’t … Continue reading Greetings From South Korea!